Crypto Advice investment platform is developed by a team of highly experienced and professional developers. To ensure protection against all known vulnerabilities it is regularly maintained to ensure maximum efficiency and complete protection. Crypto Advice team understands how grievous any such security related threat can be, and therefore this guide will help you understand how Crypto Advice puts into practice and/or follows highest possible security protocols for impregnable security and how you can protect your own account.
  • All passwords are hashed using Blowfish (cipher) and regularly re-hashed as system deems necessary.
  • All sensitive information is encrypted according to AES-256 encryption protocol.
  • All rows in database have a checksum value which is hashed according to PBKDF2 hashing protocol with system generated signatures, and these checksum values are cross-checked to ensure absolutely no unwarranted manipulation from any source.
  • There are multiple layers of encryption, and encryption of previously securely hashed values is carried out as necessary.
  • All HTML forms are obfuscated to protect against any type of automation without consent of Crypto Advice team.
  • ReCAPTCHA tests can be randomly placed for any individual as system deems necessary.
  • All input data is strictly validated to prevent SQL or any other form of injection attacks.
  • User session data is stored on server after proper encryption.


  • You should never use same password which you used for Crypto Advice account on any other website.
  • Always access Crypto Advice website using browsers from trusted authors (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • Always keep your browsers and installed plugins up to date.
  • Never install any untrusted plugin for your browser.
  • It is recommend that you only use an incognito mode/private window in your browsers to access Crypto Advice website.
  • Never use TOR network to access Crypto Advice website.
    Never use a web based proxy or untrusted VPN service to access Crypto Advice website

How your account is protected:

  • Your account is protected against CSRF/XSS attacks.
  • We have a brute force detection and protection system in place to prevent anyone from guessing your password.
  • Secure your account with 2 factor authentication via SMS or Google Auth. app in your smart phone.